Avakin Life Dating :- How to Get Your Date

Avakin Life is a 3D online Simulation game where adults and teens are allowed to chat and make new friends in a virtual world. It was developed and published by Lockwood Publishing Ltd in 2013. 

The player in the game are called Avakins. Avakins can talk to each other and make friends with other Avakins who interest them. They can build luxurious apartments, dress up or dress down themselves as they want, do jobs to earn money and even can date and get married virtually.

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But do everything keeping your own safety in your mind. Always remember that Avakin Life is a virtual world. At the end of the day it is just a game and you are here just for fun.


Yes the Avakins can date each other in this virtual world. They can hang in with their dates in either of their apartments or park or even go for a party. They can find people who interest them and ask them to be their girlfriend or boyfriend. To date someone in Avakin world you can follow these steps

  • Get to know the person.
  • Be flirty.
  • Laugh and smile a lot.
  • Keep sending pictures.
  • Be a world class listener.
  • Keep sending texts.
  • Beware of other persons roaming around them.

However, the dating in the Avakin world is not termed as valid until and unless you kiss your virtual Avakin partner. For kissing there are several animations which the player needs to purchase according to the game coins the player is having. There are also the options of kissing in the chat box if any of them do not want to do any purchases. In this fantasy world you can represent yourself as single, married, divorced or in a relationship. 

Precautions and Safety

As with all other things on the internet safety here also is in three hands; the game developer, the players and of course the parents. The developers have done their best to care of all the safety measures but they can take responsibility of only what is happening inside the game. Outside the arena the player will have to take all the necessary precautions. There are few things which should be kept in mind…

  • The player should never disclose any of their personal information as in their name, address, email id, phone number or any password within the game.
  • Some people can ask you for password in exchange of game coins but never do that. That is not the part of game.
  • Also if you find someone texting you inappropriate things you can always block them. After blocking you both will never be there in the same scene.
  • The player can also send a Grief Note if someone is being unnecessarily mean to them. Suitable action will be taken with them.
  • As a parent, one will have to make sure that the kid is playing the game only after 13 years. They can also keep parental controls on the apps which they find underage for their child.

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