Day 2



DAY 2 – FRIDAY 16 OCTOBER 2015 – 09:00 TO 18:00


Chairman & moderator: Vincent Meerschaert, Traject – Mobility Management

14:30 - 15:45



Workshop 1 - Equipment Overview

Chairperson & moderator

Gary Armstrong - Outspoken Delivery, Cambridge, UK


Cargo bikes - what does the sector need?

Ton Daggers - IBC, Utrecht


Equipment supplier - Evolo

Aitzol Fernandez - Evolo, Vitoria-Gasteiz


Equipment supplier - Yamimoto

Manuel Muniz Morell - Yamimoto, Madrid


A builders guide to cargo bikes

Paris Maderna - MCS Maderna Cycle Systems, Vienna


Equipment supplier - Douze

Bruno Louis - Douze, France

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10:00 Civic Welcome

Angel Querejeta, Head of Mobility Department, Donostiako / Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián


10:10 to 11:30

Session 5

The brave new world for logistics companies:

e-commerce, same day delivery, click & collect and more

Kris Neyens

Flanders Institute for Logistics - VIL, Berchem


Home delivery: impact and opportunities for city logistics

Susanne Balm

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences - Research Program Urban Technology


Providing top quality delivery services at minimal cost

Wolfgang Beecken

first mile - innovative urban logistics, Hamburg


12:00 to 13:20

Session 6

Towards standards in city logistics

Arne Melse

DHL Express, Netherlands


Electric assist cargo bikes & trikes: boys' toys or business tools?

Jorge Léon

ITENE, Paterna, Valencia & partner in Pro e-bike project


Cycle logistics solutions across Europe: delivery green in the city

Benjamin Rieder

Bubblepost, Belgium


16:15 - 17:30

Workshops - delegates can attend Workshop 3 or 4


Workshop 3 - Operating Issues

Chairperson & moderator

Susanne Wrighton

FGM, Graz


Evolution of a cycle delivery business

Rob King

Outspoken Delivery, Cambridge


Searching for quality on cyclelogistics

Eneko Astigarraga

Oraintxe, Pamplona


Micro-consolidation & pick-up points

Cosimo Chiffi

TRT Trasporti e Territorio/Triclò, Milano


GLOCAL CO-OPERATIONS - how cycle couriers become providers of eco-logistics solutions

Zsolt Kilian

Hajtas Pajtas, Budapest

And now watch the Hajtas Pajtas story on video.



17:30 Conference Close

Francisco Luciano, Paris, France


18:00 Exhibition & Reception

Workshop 2 - Technology Solutions

Chairperson & moderator

Kris Neyens

Flanders Institute for Logistics - VIL, Berchem


Technology overview

Nick Blake

ImagineCargo, Zürich - software for courier services

Jurgen Kurzman

Groupnet LOBO, Vienna


Solar Energy & Cargo Bikes

Michael Polak, Prague, Czech Republic


A network solution to the last mile problem

Christoph Masoner

Director, swissconnect Lucerne

Workshop 4 - The Market for Cycle Logistics

Chairperson & moderator

Randy Rzewnicki

ECF, Brussels, Belgium


Lunch & Dinner delivery by Messenger

Katerina Ovensa

Messenger, Prague


The Xiclo Experience - Cycle Logistics

Tran-Vu Mai

Xiclo, Valladolid


How to start a game-changing logistics service in Ukraine during the war

Daniel Tonkopiy

Delfast, Ukraine


The 3rd industrial revolution is the bicycle

Jordi Gali / Enric Gallifa

Vanapedal, Barcelona



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