Learn How to Get Free Gplay Codes Properly

Do you know gift cards are for? If you think that having one of these will provide you some kind of gifts then sadly you are wrong. It is actually a prepaid stored-value money card which one can use to pay as a replacement of cash.

Basically we can say that a gift card is a kind of voucher. This card will basically look alike credit card with unique code and black patch. The way we swipe credit cards this gift card can also be swiped in the given shops and branch.

Almost every one of us knows what Google is and what services do they provide. Recently Google lay has included various services such as play books, Google play games, Google play music and much more.

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The point to note is that these all services are available but not in free. You have to pay a certain charge to avail them.

Now comes the question arises that how to do the payment process with Google play. So the answer of this can be given in two scenarios:

1. Subscription.

2. Use your debit or credit card.

From the second scenario one popular trend came in market which later came to be known as Google play gift card. Basically to put the use of this card in easy terms, we can say that this cards are used for payment process .In case if you don’t have any subscription with Google play and no debit/credit card, you can use this as a replacement. Just knowing about these cards are not enough and to have the complete knowledge about them is quite hectic and time consuming. So to make things easier for you guys here we are presenting you just those things which you should know about these cards such as:

  1. When you think about these e-gift cards the first things which strikes your mind is from where to purchase them – nowadays people are trying to avail these e-cards for free of cost by playing games such as pubG or Games Of Thrones. They actually collect the aggregate points and changes these into different e-cards and vouchers. You can avail Google gift card through PayPal (this is one of the best way to transfer cash or gift cards). And another way to get these gift cards are to buy them from online sites such as Amazon, GamerGift just under Rs. 1500.
  2. After buying/getting these gift card how to redeem these is a vital thing to understand – first of all you have to know the process of how to redeem these cards , trust me which is very easy all you have to do is to
  3. Open the Google play store app.
  4. Tap on the menu named redeem
  5. Now , enter your unique code , and lastly
  6. Tap Redeem.
  7. This is how you can easily redeem your own gift card.

         C. here comes the last thing you guys need to know which is also a important part that is where to put these cards in use/what you can buy from these cards- One thing you need to note that these Google play gift cards can only be used for purchasing any app or services related to Google or Google play including movies, apps, music, books, newsstands, games and much more. One more to note is that these cards cannot be used as an exchange of tax or anything also and you cannot buy any physical products with the help of them.

             If you follow the above content thoroughly, you would not face any problems on how to use or where to use these Google play gift cards.

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